A first chance in Conference interpretation

In this case the public was very demanding because it was researchers at a distance, Faculty of translation and interpretation and interpretation of five universities (Basque country, Granada, Pablo de Olavide, Bologna and Surrey), representatives of associations business, the representative Langune, the own Claudia tutor and other many guests from the world of languages.

In this event of the European Erasmus + project, looking for students who want to make their practices in TrĂ¡gora formation and interpretation believe that Claudia was ready enough to make the leap to a real work situation. But it was not alone in its preparation, it counted with the help of your tutor and the cooperation of the rest of performers during the weeks prior to the event. Before entering the cabin, already had almost all the presentations in Power Point, the biography of the speakers, project documentation, videos of some speakers and made a collaborative glossary between all interpreters. Many professionals have lived that first in cockpit as looking into the abyss from the top of the cliff and is not wrong to maintain that respect for the profession throughout the life because the fear to lose little by little but never respect that is im it lay between the performer, the microphone and the public